I have known Jamie Errico and his framing crew since 1990. They are hard-working, well equipped and exceptionally capable of completing wood framing and concrete forming of the most complex types. I can rely on this group to solve the problems typically encountered in framing in the most economical fashion. Materials are used correctly and sparingly. Jamie has also pioneered innovative forming techniques that use insulation as formwork. I have also witnessed several occasions where work was completed in unusual sequencing in order to save time and materials, such as installing soffits before raising framed walls in order to avoid scaffolding costs. I highly recommend this framing and forming contractor for any project. You can expect original solutions and great results.

        Mark Emanuel P.Eng.



Jamie and his crew have been building quality into the custom homes they work on since I met him almost 20 years ago. In those days it was log homes built here on the Sunshine Coast, then shipped anywhere for reassembly. Today its large custom homes in the Greater Vancouver area of BC mostly. In between I’ve been involved in a number of projects with Jamie, sometimes as a home owner, as when I hired him to build a difficult set of concrete forms that were the basis for suspending my hot tub out over a ravine.

Over these past years, when either Jamie has worked for me or I have worked as a part in his team on a project, they have consistantly done high quality work. Jamie and his team have for years taken on the most difficult and challenging jobs in the market.

If you’re looking for creative solutions, energy, and experience, I recommend Jamie and his team.

Bob Wiley - XL construction